cheap viagra buyThe Insolvency Payments Scheme, when set up in 1984, dealt mainly with the simple arrears of wage-related entitlements - wages, holiday pay, and minimum notice, together with an element of pensions arrears, all of which were relatively amenable to simple checking by the liquidator from the records of the company and the wages clerk.  The liquidator would marshall the claims on behalf of the Department and act as a control on the type and amount of the employees claims.

However, the employment-related legislation passed in the years since 1984 has tended to expand the scheme into areas not envisaged at the start and these areas are often not amenable to simple checking of the records by the liquidator but would require the direct testimony of the directors in front of tribunals as to events that occurred prior to liquidation.  Examples of such legislation include the Employment Equality Act 1998, the Terms of Employment (Information) Act 1994, the Organization of Working time act 1997 amongst other more obscure enactments.

The liquidator was not there and so cannot speak with authority while the directors may have little interest in contesting the cases brought by ex-employees in these tribunals.  The worst has already happened for the directors - their company is in liquidation or receivership and whether or not an employee is making a valid claim or one that should be contested is irrelevant to their present situation.  The directors lack the motivation, and the liquidator may lack the funds, to contest the cases, so in the resultant vacuum the employee case may be uncontested and awards made that might not be justified were all of the relevant facts given due weightcan you buy viagra in dubai.

The awards made under certain of the legislation may be exemplary and substantial and may not be subject to the usual limiting criteria of the Scheme as it applies to simple arrears of wages and the like, and may also not be subject to tax and other deductions.  There is clear motivation for the employee (and their legal advisors) to pursue such claims in the absence of the directors capable of giving contradicting evidence - the tribunal makes the award and the inputs of the liquidator and the Department to the process are reduced, respectively, to the rubber-stamping of the application to the Scheme for payment, and to paying out the award.  The cost to the Department of such relatively uncontested claims may be substantial.

cheapest generic viagra cialisI would suggest that the Department should give serious thought to how it might limit the worst effects of this responsibility vacuum.

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