Sometimes you know that your company is in serious trouble and may not recover. Do not let hostile creditors dictate play. Keep control of the situation and manage the entry into liquidation. See how Voluntary Liquidationorder generic cialis online canada will allow you to minimise the trauma and maintain your standing as a director acting responsiblycheap viagra buy.

Where a company cannot pay its debts as they fall due, and where, after due consideration by its directors, it is determined that there is little prospect of survival for the company, then the company may voluntarily enter liquidation. Where the directors recognise the gravity of the situation and take action to put the company into liquidation and appoint a Liquidator, this is the responsible course of action to take and reflects well on the directorscan you buy viagra in dubai.

cheapest generic viagra cialisWhere the directors allow a situation to become hostile, then a Creditor may force the issue and appoint a Liquidator through Petitioning the Court or, if the Creditor holds a charge over assets of the company, it may appoint a Receiver. While some elements of the business may survive as a going concern after these processes, the ownership of those businesses will no longer remain with the company. While a company may survive receivership, it is likely that the basis of its business will be gone and that liquidation will follow.

cheap viagra indiaWe can advise you on the steps to take to ensure that you minimise the likelihood of your being held to be personally responsible for debts of the company or being restricted in or disqualified from acting as a director. We can guide you through the decision process and enable you to retain some degree of control in a difficult situation by explaining the options available:

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