How does a Director deal with Personal Guarantees and other debts following liquidation?

cheap viagra buyA director of a limited liability Company can find himself exposed to certain Company debts when the Business fails – personal guarantees to banks, leasing companies and major suppliers for the debts of the Company are the main sources. In addition, you may have run up purely personal debt on overdrafts, credit cards etc. while dealing with the difficulties of your business. Ultimately your very home may come under threat unless you take charge of the situation.

can you buy viagra in dubaiWe can present a range of options for individuals to enable them to tackle their financial problems responsibly and effectively. In the field of Personal Insolvency, these may be of varying degrees of formality, depending upon the scale, number and timing of claims, but it fair to say that more options are available the sooner you consult.

With the right advice, you may be able to challenge the validity of personal guarantees, safeguard future businesses, and save your family home, if you take action early. If you face and deal with your creditors honestly and openly, and put forward a reasonable financial plan that will ultimately improve the prospects for your creditors over what they could otherwise expect, then you may be able to count on their cooperation. It would generally involve getting fair values for the house and other major assets, offsetting mortgages and calculating the equity remaining. We can help you marshal the various factors and produce a coherent and convincing plan to convince your creditors. See the options available in Personal Insolvencycheapest generic viagra cialis.

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How does a Director deal with Personal Guarantees and other debts following liquidation?

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