Could Solvent Liquidation be my cost-effective escape mechanism?

Running your business under the umbrella of a limited liability company has protected you from much potential personal liability and has allowed you to take commercial risks without the threat of personal bankruptcy should things go wrong. Your business has prospered and has built up reserves of wealth, but now you want to unlock it. You may wish to retire or separate from an erstwhile business partner and share the assets. Your problem is that if you simply sell the assets and draw out the funds that will be treated as salary and will be taxed at your top rates as incomecheap viagra buy.

There is a solution to your problem – Solvent Liquidation, where any funds distributed from the company will only be taxed at Capital Gains Tax rates – currently significantly lower than Income taxcan you buy viagra in dubai.

Can my Insolvent Company Survive?

How do you get protection and time to recover?

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Can I Release the Value in my Company Tax-effectively?

Could Solvent Liquidation be my cost-effective escape mechanism?

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Whatever happened to Company Limited Liability?

How does a Director deal with Personal Guarantees and other debts following liquidation?

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What if my Company is beyond Rescue?

Can voluntary liquidation be best for my creditors and for me?

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